An innovative, interactive approach to understanding & speaking up to bias in the workplace.

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Speaking Up is a collaboration between Incluxion Works and PowerPlay Interactive Development based at the University of New Hampshire.

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Have you ever wondered…

Why didn’t
I say something?

You’re not alone–

Deciding whether, when, and how to respond can be complicated. Speaking Up is a unique, evidence-based professional development model to build bystander skills and respond effectively to bias.


Speaking Up Across the Nation

We have partnered with a diverse range of institutions in private, municipal, and higher education sectors.

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Speaking Up is based on the science of witnessing and responding to bias. Our workshops begin with a foundational presentation to ground participants in a shared understanding of these phenomena.

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Professional improvisational actors model a range of common workplace biases. Speaking Up participants experience these moments as a bystander would, gaining a deeper awareness of the impact of bias and the potential barriers or catalysts for taking action.

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Speaking Up participants interact directly with the characters to question and explore moments of bias through active discussion. Experienced and expert co-facilitators foster understanding of how perception, identity, and prior experience can shape bystander reactions, including whether people speak up.

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Speaking Up participants experiment with different strategies by rewinding, replaying, and directing characters to respond in the moment. Participants leave with practical tools, skills, and greater self-efficacy to use those tools in the future.

Why choose Speaking Up?


Our interactive, evidence-based model has been demonstrated to increase self-efficacy and intentions to speak up to reduce bias in the workplace.


Active learning and psychological safety are central to our program and key to participants gaining new skills that transfer beyond the workshop setting fostering deep and lasting learning.


Unlike ‘off the shelf’ programs, we work directly with clients to ensure workshop content aligns with organizational goals and community needs.

Flexible In Format

Our workshops can be delivered effectively in both face-to-face and virtual settings.

Several times over folks have mentioned how much more effective these sessions were than the ‘typical’ bias trainings…

- CM, Senior Leader

Purdue University